That time I played CRYX at the ATC.

ATC 2017 was a welcome reminder of why I play this game. Watching my team succeed was an amazing experience and I wanted to do a write-up of my weekend and first national tournament playing Cryx. So here it is – a long, boring battle report all about me playing Cryx at the ATC! Enjoy!


Final standings for team Florida Meta

The idea to attend was born in simplicity. Someone said “why aren’t you guys going” and I said “why the hell aren’t we going?” The next night I told people we were going in a facebook group chat and the response was “yeah definitely.” The next day I purchased our entry and within the next week we’d committed to our five “best” players. Worth noting: I chose the name Florida Meta. No one had any input on that. Truly we as players are all based in the same store within a 20 mile radius of one another. I don’t think the Florida locals would be mad at us for representing them as such, but to say we are the five best players in the state (or even our store) would be a lie. Florida has a really competitive convention in Crucible (happening March 31st) and this convention plus its 4 qualifiers drive state-wide competition at a minimum of five tournaments per year. Furthermore our local meta on its own is a growing entity. We have large Warmachine Wednesday’s and play 2-3 games per visit. It’s not uncommon for me to play 6 games in a week at our local store. I can’t say enough about the meta we have cultivated here and so many players helped us prepare. The moment we decided to attend our entire store committed to testing. Newer players did not hesitate. I had veterans and newer guys playing some of the easier to pilot armies like Amon Adraza, EHaley Storm Division, Kara Sloan, PButcher gunline, and EMadrak theme. Even these less experienced players were able to contribute to our testing in a big way. Thus preparing our team became a store-wide effort and I give a ton of credit to the guys willing to play boring Kara Sloan lists against us for testing. If there was one thing I wanted us to gain from this experience, it would be a stronger meta. We as a group will become better players as each individual player becomes stronger. That is the goal and it seems to be working very well. So again, thank you to everyone who helped us prepare for this event.

Why Cryx?
I’ve never been one to choose models based on popularity. Cryx began to fascinate me around the time of the errata. Our current Cryx players were extremely let down by the lack of buffs, the forums and facebook communities were on fire saying “Cryx is unplayable trash.” New players began approaching me with pre-conceived notions that Cryx was awful. People were truly demoralized about the faction and I wanted to find a diamond in the rough. I wasn’t buying into the hype, I refuse to believe any single faction is unplayable and I set out to prove it to my peers. Worse comes to worse I knew one thing for sure – PSkarre can only be so bad… I mean come on people, she’s PSkarre! We tested the wraith engine army with proxy bases as a joke… it was a monster on the table completely wiping our top Khador player. After 3 games with the army I started changing things and I bought my wraith engines for real. After that I attended a local Crucible qualifier and went undefeated with the army. I began to understand the list and its bad match-ups. At first we thought things like EReznik and Kara Sloan would just kill it. We were surprised at the power it had into Menoth and even more excited by the game into Cygnar. My second list was a crutch. I hated playing PDenny and Scaverous felt weak into Circle. I landed on Epic Goreshade because I like him. I felt comfortable playing the list and despite it having very few obvious match-ups it can win a game if needed. But that doesn’t matter because I came to ATC to play Skarre and that’s what I did. Entering a meta where Cryx was one of the least played factions (similar numbers to COC) I felt like I had every advantage to surprise people.


Round 1: Tony Coutley (Five Guys) – Epic Zaal
Five Guys was a team that I’d looked at quite a bit and was prepared to face. Majority of these teams had some pitfalls for Skarre and I knew my best match-up here would be Skorne. Luckily I got it and I knew his only choice was to play EZaal against me as his other list was EZadesh. I have a lot of experience into EZaal so I was very comfortable in this match-up.
I took first turn and opted to run directly at him with the army leaning towards my left flank to utilize a well-placed forest. I also wanted to bring the majority of my army towards his magic weapons to begin removing them so that he couldn’t kill Blackbane. Lastly I wanted to use a house near my deployment for Skarre to hide as EZaal can put together some serious assassination runs with magic / guns.
Tony advanced directly at me and must’ve forgotten or not known that my army has a ton of RFP. Slingers ran at the Blackbanes, Immortals lined up in front of my left wraith engine and his Acuarii ran behind the Karax on my right. His beasts (Drake, Shaman and Raider) held the middle of the table with EZaal and public enemy number one – Hakaar the Destroyer. He popped his feat and Vision was on Hakaar per usual.
I decided to counter feat for the armor and left wraith killed 3 Immortals. My intention for this turn was to completely stall his advance and give him souls while Skarre was safe from assassination with her feat up. The slingers died to Blackbanes and joined the unit providing no souls. I killed a few Karax with the extra Blackbanes and the right wraith ate his Drake. I used machine wraiths to tie up his acuarii and ended the turn making a couple of free machine wraiths and 5 or 6 ghost pirates. Most EZaal lists include a couple of canoneers which cuts down on their unit count quite a bit. I was surprised at the amount of models Tony still had left after this turn. I was happy with my positioning but I knew I would be retreating to a single zone on my following turn.


My army feats to stop his advance

Tony did what he could against my feat. His army is naturally low pow and the models struggled to hurt any of my key pieces. He focused on removing ghost raiders and clearing the jam. He advanced into the zone on the right and barely toed the left because of my wraith engine placement.
I knew the only fear now was assassination because my key pieces were all in-tact so I cleared Hakaar while he was under dark shroud with the ghost raiders then re-positioned my wraith engine to the left zone. The left zone was cleared by an inflictor and wraith engine leaving 2 Immortals and the Immortal UA that despite charging with machine wraiths I could not remove. I held the right zone with Machine Wraiths. Healed Skarre to full and positioned her within 2 shield guards camping 5 focus.
I knew Tony would try to spell sling me + shoot me with his beasts, what took me by surprise was not killing the Immortal UA which allowed them to go Incorporeal and walk 3 models into melee range of Skarre. He managed to land a few spells which I mostly negated using focus and of course I shield guarded his beast shots. He killed some of his own Karax to harvest souls for re rolls on the Immortals. One Immortal connected and rolled very well causing around 7 damage past the focus reduction and the second hit but rolled fairly average causing no damage. Next turn I ate EZaal with wraith engines.


Skarre dominates the zone

Tony played a good game against an army that most people don’t understand. I have no issue telling you that had he saved his last sunder spirit and used it for boosting the roll with the second Immortal he’d of had a much better shot of killing me. Well played Tony. I liked his EZaal build more than the last few I’d encountered and it really gave him the tools he needed to weather my offensive and set up an assassination run. Good stuff.
Team ended up 5-0

Round 2: Nicholas Leland (How Hard Could it Be?) – Ossrum
I wanted to fight the Mercs because I didn’t like many of my match ups here. I hated the COC and Circle pairs and was excited to avoid them.
I’d tested a bit into this Ossrum build using my E-Shade list and I liked the match up but I didn’t want to run into EMagnus so I dropped Skarre whom I liked just fine into both. Now some people may think the game becomes a cake walk when the enemy has no magic weapons. Sadly that’s not the case. Ossrum does two things that are very problematic – he strangleholds your wraith engines and he assassinates Skarre from very far away. I took second because I needed a forest to hide Skarre. Unfortunately the forest was a bit of tight-rope act trying to stay on the kill box line while using it to block LOS.
Nick ran directly forward grabbing as much of the board as he could. Hernne and Jonne took my left and were furthest away from my models as I’d leaned heavy right for the forest.
I briefly considered my options and measured out Ossrum’s stranglehold threat. I decided it was too much of a tempo loss to stay out and went full speed into his army with all of my incorporeal models. Keeping Darragh, the inflictors, Skarre, Scavenger, and Mechanic behind the forest or 22 inches away from bunnies.
Nick feated and advanced. Boosted and strangle held both my wraith engines at dice off 9. Most bunnies went to the center zone and a couple others joined the rockram rocker in making a barricade around Ossrum. 2 Bunnies on my right flank. One Bunny went up the middle towards the forest I was hiding behind.
I measured out a possible assassination run which would use machine wraiths to clear the jacks out and make room for 5 ghost pirates to kill Ossrum but eventually stopped measuring and decided against it. I opted for a simple turn grabbing the central bunny and far right bunny with wraiths and walking them into a waiting scavenger / Inflictor for deconstruction. The wraith engines held a central position happy to take up space and dare Ossrum to continue rolling 9’s. The left wraith wandered left to shroud Jonne and let a ghost pirate turn him into a machine wraith. I spread out the ghost raiders to prevent movement options from his bunnies and passed turn camping safely behind my forest.
Nick shot what he could see, killing corporeal models and slowly advancing to my edge of the center zone. He called my bluff and strangled both wraith engines again. The Rocker ended it’s activation killing a machine wraith about 3 inches away from my right wraith engine.
Having let his feat fizzle out I was ready to fight so I feated my wraith engines, one inflictor, Darragh, and a machine wraith. Popped his rocker with the feated machine wraith and walked it into central arc of my right wraith engine. The rocker also smacked his tinker and provided me with another machine wraith before the wraith engine (forfeits movement) and cracks the rocker down to 3-4 health. Machine wraiths gathered bunnies on the right and sent them to the feated Inflictor. Darragh engaged two and the black banes came out of incorporeal charging random bunnies to tie them up and add some damage. The left wraith engine moved to threaten Ossrum next turn while ending within 2 inches of Hernne. Skarre ended the turn within 3 of a shield guard camping focus and effected by feat. Nick didn’t have a lot of options for killing me and the attrition game was pretty much over. He charged the left wraith engine with Ossrum and didn’t do much. I cleared out landing spots and finished Ossrum with the wraith engines.


Get that crit decap Ossy!

I’ve played this match quite a bit and much like Kara Sloan you can die at any time. Fortunately I was able to utilize the terrain and play this game by the book. Avoiding his feat turn and waiting for the time to strike. Great game Nick.
Team ended up 4-1

Round 3: Zach W (Travis’s Troublemakers) – EHaley Storm Dvision

We lost the roll and got matchups. Each player was assigning where we wanted and I wasn’t fond of fighting Cygnar but with no Stormwall present I felt good into the match. It was nice knowing I didn’t have to sandbag my feat to kill a colossal… which is almost impossible to do versus 2Haley without losing your ass. The other players got good pairings so it was all for the best regardless.
I won the roll and took first (can’t fully remember.)
I advanced up the middle towards a central house – I knew the house would be very advantageous for me as I could cut the edges using incorporeal and he could not. I prepared my inflictors to receive the electric leaps from the storm strider. Main thing being I didn’t want to let my mechanic die. Inflictors held middle while the wraith engines spread to either side. The right wraith advanced further to control the weaker flank. Skarre used range to protect her as there was no good blocking terrain anywhere close by.
Zach feated on me and basically told me that we would be trading feats. He advanced stormclad and strider up – again the inflictors soaked shots and made sure positioning kept the electro leaps from hurting my weaker models. He decided to run full speed to my side of the table and flank me on either side with the two max storm lance squads.
I sat for a while trying to figure out how to use the terrain and keep my wraith engines from the stormclad if I chose not to feat. Unfortunately I didn’t see a way to protect my models without expending the feat, Thorn himself could threaten the wraiths if he received magic weapon. So as Zach predicted I had to counter feat defensively. I moved the wraith engines to either side of the central house and spread the black banes around mid-board to prevent easy advances. The wraiths were placed just barely within 10 inches of each other for the +2 armor. I continued repairing my Inflictors and positioned them to counter the oncoming stormclad which I’d assumed would kill my wraith engine. Feat hit the important models and Skarre walked into a lake starting to get nervous about the flanking storm lances.
Zach picked up on the wraiths being barely within 10 of one another and TK’d them both turning them around completely and pushing them back towards me. With this move he also removed their mutual armor buff. The stormclad was given temporal acceleration and magic weapons from Arlan. He carefully moved his stormclad into melee while keeping it out of charge range for the second inflictor. Inflictor 1 could still charge into melee with his reach weapon if needed. The clad failed to kill my wraith engine at dice -4 and left it with a few boxes of health. The stormlances on each flank circled into charge range of Skarre next turn and one followed Katherine into the inflictor brick trying to kill Darragh. Darragh’s -2 to living kept him safe and again I soaked shots into the feated inflictors using shield guard against the strider. Acosta charged and destroyed my objective in two hits.


A precarious position: Skarre goes swimming for safety

I thought about my turn for a little while knowing I wanted the wraiths to charge into the stormlances they were now facing thanks to TK. The trick is getting your free machine wraiths and the most out of dark shroud before they move away. I figured three lances would die per wraith engine and I could engage or deter the rest of the storm lances if needed. Blackbanes turned using apparition and lined up for charges. Skarre centered herself on the board (in the lake) and cast dark guidance. A machine wraith went in and grabbed the stormclad walking it into melee range of Katherine and dismounting her. The inflictors combined to attack stormclad in the back arc but were unable to finish him. The ghost pirates were able to kill Katherine under dark shroud and make her a machine wraith. They also killed accosta and damaged or killed a few stormlances on the other flank adding another machine wraith. Finally, two ghost pirates engaged and put some damage (+ fire) on thorn. The left wraith engine charged back towards my deployment engaging thre stormlances but only killing two. Katherine wraith charged and missed a storm lance (she’s just a baby) and a second wraith finished the middle lance. My mechanic ran and engaged the last stormlance in charge range of Skarre. The right flank went worse but this time it was my dumb assery. I used the incorrect arm while attacking the stormlances and it cost me an attack. This left Zach with two stormlances on my right but luckily the closer one was out of command. At this point I had two lances on my right and one on my left with a working stormclad in front of me and a Thorn on my right flank. I only had a scavenger and 2 machine wraiths left. I chose for the scavenger to finish the stormclad and sprint to engage the strider – more so to keep it from advancing. The wraiths attacked thorn, the first moving him a hair to the right so that the second could get a charge off. Unfortunately I failed to remove his arc node and he ended up rolling a 1 on the fire check. Now to be honest – I am in pretty good shape, but we all know 2Haley can make magic happen with TK and a working arc node. I passed my turn and Zach told me exactly what I was thinking. He can fix the command issue with TK and charge me with a stormlance.

He chose to TK thorn out of melee, then TK’d my wraith engine to turn it around and prevent free strikes on his cavalry. He TK’d a stormlance to fix command and then advanced Thorn to stab the ghost raiders. With two focus he failed to kill one ghost raider and was only able to deliver a single charge. I prevented damage and took a fair hit. After this he fished for some small electro leaps and ways to free up the far lance but there was nothing there. He passed the turn once he was out of options and I mopped up the board. He took two inflictor free strikes charging into arcane bolt range on Skarre. I was camping and had healed but it didn’t matter as the Inflictors finished her on the free strikes.


When all else fails take two free strikes

I won’t mince words here. Zach is one of the best players I’ve ever played against and the game was an absolute pleasure. This is a game I’ll draw on in the future as he taught me quite a few things and his mastery of the game is clear when you play him. Good game.
Team ended up 4-1

Round 4: Will Pagani (Lone Star) – EKrueger
We’d been given match ups and put me in late with the enemy having three lists left. The worst two lists they could give me was COC and Circle. I’d thought about playing into Circle for a while and I decided way ahead of time if they gave me that option… I would immediately snap up Circle. So when presented I took Circle before they could even flip the clock to us. Will liked the table with the house in the middle and I was happy to be playing there because wraith engines heart houses. I won the roll and chose table side because I saw an area around the house that wraith engines couldn’t land. I also wanted less space to prevent him from teleporting over the house and killing Skarre. In hindsight I really should’ve gone first and taken the table to force his feat but I was afraid of his models going places where my wraiths could not.

Will apparitioned his models and ran forward with a balanced flank. Druids were evenly spread. My left was Ghetorix, Loki and my right was Megalith supported by pureblood.
I thought about my turn knowing a defensive feat would only draw out Will’s feat and cause me to stand around doing nothing. I decided my only play would be to trade my wraith engines for whatever heavies killed them. Knowing the feat would win me the following turn and protect me for the turn after I went ahead with the plan. Both wraith engines ran forward to either side of the house. I kept them within 6 inches of each other so that double TK wouldn’t remove my +2 armor bonus (thanks Zach.)  Darragh advanced up and I sloppily measured the 9 inches for his -2 damage over the wraith. I was thinking about reach but I was not thinking about Krueger feat. I needed my Inflictors near the right wraith engine for shield guards and I used my blast keys to keep them away from any pulse of the earth knock downs. When my Inflictors advanced behind the right wraith engine to counter whatever beast came in to kill it I began to plan for Krueger feat turn but for whatever reason I never factored it into my move with Darragh. Once I noticed this I began using incorporeal models to block the pushes (because the incorporeal model can be pushed through but a model can’t end on it.) I figured I’d lose the left wraith to ghetorix regardless so I put the scavenger close by as a counter piece to take him out. The ghost pirates spread out behind the house to prevent landing spots for a tk + stone teleported heavy. With apparition the pirates could engage whichever direction I needed them regardless.


Preparing to lose a wraith engine (or two)

Will brought Krueger to just in front of his objective and feated. Pushing very few of my models but still blanketing me in the negative speed. He did push Skarre back and Darragh was pushed out of range for his -2 blanket. Ghetorix and Loki received wraith bane. Megalith charged the right wraith engine and spiked one roll but did quite a bit less on the others. He opted to cast Megalith animus and finish me with his guns. The pureblood did a good amount with the spray bringing my wraith engine down to 1 health. Ghetorix destroyed the left wraith engine and cast spiny growth on himself. Then Loki tried to finish the right engine with his ranged attack and I caught it with a shield guard to prevent the wraiths destruction. His final move was to run his gremlin swarm into base with the closest Inflictor.
Loki’s final position had him in a stone triangle and also gave him the option for a TK teleport over the center house. I started my turn knowing I needed a shield guard with Skarre to catch Loki hooks. I also knew I had to avoid getting her knocked down by the druid’s pulse of the earth. So after apparition movements I used blast keys to keep Skarre far enough from my objective to prevent an easy knock down. I also had to do this with her guardian inflictor while making sure a single TK wouldn’t move them out of shield guard range of each other. Lastly I wanted to make no landing spot for a large base behind the house. I figured all of these things would add up for a safe Skarre. So the turn went fairly well for me. Skarre advanced up behind the objective taking all the previously mentioned precautions. She feated and cast dark guidance. My feat hit a couple of ghost pirates that I’d be sending at Ghetorix and my right inflictor who was going to kill Megalith. I also chose to feat on my 1 health wraith engine because obviously I’d use my mechanic to repair him. Wrong… I chose to repair an inflictor for no reason because I’m a clown. Two ghost pirates went for the gremlin swarm and turned him into a machine wraith. The feated pirates went for Ghetorix while the others spread out behind the house to prevent a large base from landing there. After some proxy basing we determined the wraith engine could not charge. So it had to run 4 inches (weight of stone + Krueger feat) as I needed a landing spot for my inflictor and wanted the dark shroud. Inflictor charged and bought doing a good amount of damage but not finishing him – Megalith animus kept him from getting his 1 inch reach weapon into range and I was only able to spare him 1 focus. The new machine wraith charged into Megalith and got him low enough for a second machine wraith to finish him. The feated scavenger charged and finished off Ghetorix then sprinted to back to help prevent a teleporting heavy. I liked the way my left flank was going and decided to start hunting the flag next turn.


Trading models – my feat turn gets me a Ghetorix and a Megalith

Will advanced slightly with Krueger and TK’d Darragh to take his -2 away from the wraith engine. He also TK’d the feated inflictor and turned him around to prevent charging the next turn. The pureblood charged and finished the wraith engine. Druids cleared a few ghosts. He used shifting stones to wall off the path on the right side of the house and make sure an inflictor didn’t get to Krueger. He also put stones to the opposite side of Krueger while still keeping the triangle around him and Loki.
I was looking for ways to get an inflictor through the wall of shifting stones but couldn’t find it. The black banes recruited a few druids to the ship and two machine wraiths charged shifting stones. One rolled hot and killed it. I was happy to see no possible Loki teleport coming my way on the following turn. Skarre was positioned to my left still behind the objective with her inflictor guardian keeping careful distance. The forward inflictor advanced to the edge of her control and used all 3 focus trying to kill his pureblood. Sadly I didn’t critical poison once and then missed one of the attacks (on 3 dice.) The pureblood lived with 4 health and I started to think I’d have to abandon the right flank. I ran my last machine wraith up behind the house so that he could contest the right flag next turn. I started to think about what pieces I’d need to protect if I was going to assassinate Krueger so I used the scavenger to control the left flag. CP 1-0
Will regenerated the pureblood and destroyed my inflictor. Loki took the flag and now I have no real threats on the right side. The druids engaged the ghost pirates and shifting stones began teleporting towards my flag to contest. CP 1-1
My follow-up turn was sad. I was unable to kill the second contesting stone with my pirates and scavenger. I contested his flag with my last machine wraith and Darragh charged the pureblood. I screwed up and missed the trigger for my impact attack. The charge took him down to 1 health. The bright spot of the turn was the ghost pirates recruiting more druids and having a pretty threatening position in the middle of the board.
Krueger pulled double duty sliding towards my flank slightly and shooting the incorporeal machine wraith plus a few pirates on my strong flank. The druids were less effective and only killed a few of the ghost pirates. Will ended the turn with 1 fury on Krueger and roughly 4 minutes on my clock. CP 1-2
I’d been waiting for the assassination attempt and finally saw it. Apparition put three ghost pirates in charge range of Krueger and the scavenger got 3 focus to finish him off. Skarre advanced behind the house to bring her models into dark guidance range. One pirate missed but the other two hit causing decent damage, lighting him on fire and activating finisher. The scavenger charged and had to take a single free strike from a druid. The druid missed and the scavenger finished Krueger in a couple hits.


The scavenger gets there – “caw”

Obviously, Will is an extremely talented player and I have no issue saying that I stole this game. Any number of dice rolls could’ve pitched this game in a different direction. I really enjoyed playing him. I have a lot of respect for this team and of course, the player.
Team ended up 4-1 and we shortly found out that Evil Geniuses won and we’d be playing against them in the finals.

Round 5: Trevor Attridge (Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow) – Kara Sloan
I loved my match-ups into this team and I was excited to play them. My ideal drop was Jay Larsen’s Retribution but we got Ryan’s Khador into him and kept me waiting. The final two were Cygnar and Circle. It’s damn near impossible for me to beat Circle and I was excited about my game into Cygnar so the choice was easy. Drop our Circle player into theirs and give me the Cygnar. Before the tournament I used Trevor’s Kara Sloan list as a scratching post for the team to practice into Sloan. I decided it was the best Sloan list at the ATC. Because of Stormwall you can’t just overrun the list in melee and that makes for a tougher match-up than traditional Sloan gun lines.
I was given choice of table sides and took the side with a forest. Trevor’s army ran with stormwall in the middle, 3 hunters on my left and 1 on my right. The sentinel was given arcane shield and it ran just ahead of the stormwall. Kara Sloan advanced up next to a rubble template on the left side of the board.
I used +1 movement with Darragh near my deployment zone and kept him 22 inches away from any hunters. The wraith engines ran base to base with one another and staggered against the top of the forest on my left. The right engine left space for the black banes to crowd behind a wall in front of him. Magic weapon shots are at a premium with Kara Sloan and she can’t really afford to shoot the little ghosts. The inflictors and Skarre took position behind the forest. It’s possible that Trevor could’ve gotten los with a hunter or two but I was content to block los from most of his army. My primary objective was to soak some shots from whatever wraith engine he targets and try to keep them both alive through Kara’s feat I’d do this by shield guarding shots with my inflictors. I wasn’t fond of losing an inflictor though and I decided to keep one a bit further back as the space behind the forest was hard to position models effectively.
Trevor opened with the feat and began firing on my closest wraith engine. I shield guarded Sloans first shot to the inflictor and the second two hit it hard. The Stormwall got magic weapons from Arlan and finished him off after stepping forward an inch or two. The Stormwalls second shot finished my first wraith engine and the second one was shield guarded to the other inflictor as he was close enough to wraith #2. Trevor kept arcane shield on his sentinel and moved it next to a storm pod about 4 inches in front of stormwall to make a wall. The hunters had no real targets so one went far right and the others stuck with Kara.
I mapped out my turn and knew that I had to attack the stormwall while it didn’t have arcane shield. The wraith engine was in charge range and I used apparition to position my ghost pirates for a follow up. Skarre came forward and feated on 3 pirates, the wraith engine, a machine wraith, the inflictors, and herself. The first part of the plan was simple – charge the wraith engine into the stormwall, do some damage and apply darkshroud for the rest of the army. The wraith engine went full satan and rolled 6 6 6 dealing 21 damage on the charge attack. I auto killed the stormpod and cleaved into him with an average roll which was enough to finish his right side in two hits. At this point I charged it with some ghost pirates but decided to get greedy and reallocated a few to his hunters instead. At effective charging pow 17 the ghost raiders finished the storm wall and I didn’t need to use my (effective pow 19) machine wraith. The machine wraith grabbed a hunter and brought it into my army for the scavenger to chew on.


The stormwall gets lit up

The following turn was tough as losing the stormwall devastates this list and the hunters had a hell of a time trying to hurt the wraith engine’s armor 14 versus armor piercing. He got it low but couldn’t finish it using the hunters and Kara. She held position near the rubble with ghosts and hunters surrounding her there wasn’t really anywhere for her to go. Keep in mind this was a kill box scenario.
The final turns run together as I was camping around the forest for a turn healing Skarre to full and making sure that I had some focus to camp when I left cover. Kara did manage to kill the wraith engine with a dust to dust (you don’t hear that very often) and then stay alive for a couple of turns. I was only focused on one thing – don’t let Kara steal this game with an assassination. When I finally left cover it was with my shield guards and despite Kara meleeing a scavenger to death I was able to finish her with an inflictor the following turn.


The brave inflictors finally emerge from the forest

For me the day was done. I’d gone 5-0 in the tournament and I’d later find out that I was top of the list in army points destroyed. When I ended this game we’d gone up 2-1 but unfortunately we lost our other two games. To dumb luck and a forgotten point contest. AKA – we were playing Warmachine.
Trevor was a great opponent and by the end of the game we had a small crowd watching us. The end of the game had some goofy moments but it was never in contention once the stormwall went down to dice. Trevor would tell me after the game that they threw him on the sword and that they weren’t sure who to pair against me. I am very happy with the results of our first major team event and I’m looking forward to the next. As for Cryx, there is something exciting about the faction in general. I love the underdog mentality and it’s what inspired me to bring them in the first place. The army flexed its muscles for me all weekend and bailed me out of some tough situations. I could see myself playing Cryx in future events as I’m already back in the lab exploring some other casters.



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