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So with the release of the Khador Command book I figured now might be a good time to discuss the themes available to the motherland and how each theme can help you drive your enemies before you. The themes have really changed list building for me, there are plenty of times when it’s obvious to go in theme simply because the benefits are incredible for the army your building(Karchev in Winter Guard Kommand for instance) and with other themes casters just naturally build into them. Personally I think it’s added an interesting additional layer to list building and I am looking forward to more theme options in the future. Let’s start with the oldest theme and work forward;

Winter Guard Kommand
So WGK gives us a couple of neat bonuses; free models, advance move on jacks and Sac Pawn on the caster. So this theme screamed jack theme from the get go, just due to the advance move. Being able to get Khador jacks further up the board and into the fight lets you play jack heavy and not be fighting uphill against scenario. The WG models in the list really feel like support for the wall of jacks in front handling the jobs of clearing chaff and getting chip damage in on some targets. You can also go the other direction with it and build a fairly strong shooting game thanks to rockets and have a couple of jacks function as anchors for the army. Here’s a sample of each idea:
Karchev- Winter Guard Kommand
Karchev +30
-Juggernaut x2 24
-Kodiak x2 26
-Marauder x3 30
WG Mortar x2 5(1 free)
WG Field Gun 4
WG Rifle Corp(max) 13
Mechanics(min) 3

Vlad1- Winter Guard Kommand
Vlad1 +28
-Spriggan 19
-Drago 14
WG Gun Carriage 18
Kovnik Joe 4
WM Marksman 4
2x Min Rifles w/3 Rockets 28
WG Infantry w/UA & 3 Rockets 16(UA Free)
2x WG Mortar 0(Free)

The main thing to remember here is the WG serve different functions in each list. With Karchev the rifles don’t care about not having Joe because they’re going to CRA to be most effective depending on targets. With Vlad, they’re doing the work and having Joe becomes necessary. Spriggan has to come along with Vlad1 in theme to give us the flare against stealth targets.

Jaws of the Wolf
This is sort of the outlier of the themes. At first it looked like it included all of the things in my current Irusk2 list. I was excited to see Behemoth included and the enemy losing AD is a strong benefit in some matchups. I haven’t really found anything I’m excited about playing in this theme. There is an obvious synergy in Behemoth coming with a free Forge Seer, getting his guns to POW16 Blessed and Magical is pretty strong. The army does do a really good stealth skew and backed by Irusk2 you’ve got solid ground and tough to keep the army alive. What you lose to do it dosen’t make me want to play in theme just yet, but I’m keeping my eye on this theme for further development.

Legion of Steel
So one of the lists I had the most fun playing back in MkII was Vlad3’s Charge of the Horselords. Since the new edition I’ve been trying to find it again, various different takes on it but the points don’t quite work like they used to. Legion of Steel is the closest I’ve come and its damn fun. Up to 5 hard hitting precision strike countercharge models that can advance through their own models is INCREDIBLE. The list practically builds itself, put Iron Fangs into the list and profit. There are some lists built around maximum numbers of Iron Fang pikemen and the skew is an option, but layering the threats I think is a stronger play. Additionally letting your army get to where it needs to go thanks to Dash and Tactician makes Vlad3 one of the best choices for this theme. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying:
Vlad3-Legion of Steel
Vlad3 +27
-Conquest 37
2x Iron Fang Kovnik 0
2x Iron Fang Uhlans 40
Great Bears 9
IFP(min)+UA 9(free UA)
The list lets Uhlans always get the charge via dash and tactician, even after being stuck in which lets them continue to be useful in the late game. The game with the uhlans is to hunt all the threats to Conquest so that it can dominate the end game. I’ll be keeping an eye on any new Iron Fang models released to tweak this list or find additional synergies.

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