Rean’s Gencon post Part 1

Hello again fellow Warmachine and Hordes enthusiasts! It’s me, Rean, with another exciting installment of “Oh boy the swamp people are writing things again”. Seeing as I apparently have a hurricane bearing down on me I should go ahead and actually write something up before I have to post from my new location in beautiful Atlantis. I hear the currents are wonderful this time of year.

I was thinking of what to write about for a while before I remembered I went and did that whole Gencon thing, so I figure I’ll write about that experience. I’ll start by prefacing this with a couple of things. 1. Sorry for not having written something sooner. Last year of law school started, so been a wee bit busy writing elsewhere. 2. If I forget the name of the person I played I apologize profusely.

So, that being said, on with the show.

A few thoughts on Gencon as a whole. Was tons of fun. Went up with a bunch of the Florida people, Brandon Andrews, John Carter, Clint Runge, Troy Tran, Matthew Bunting, and Jeff Jahr. Figured we’d make a trip up to try and defend the title Ryan “I have never played against Wurmwood” McDermott got last year. Fortunately, John Carter did!

Other than that, gencon was tons of fun. Not sure if I’ll be going back, though. I think things like Lock and Load, Warmachine Weekend, ATC, and the like are more my style. I just want to go play Warmachine until my eyes bleed.

Onto the specifics at least as best as I can remember them. I took two lists to the event to play along with a smattering of other models that happened to be in my bag. More on that funny story later.

List 1:
Ossyan (Defenders of Ios)
Arcantrik Force generator
3x Arcanist Mechaniks
HG Thane
Max Riflemen
2x Heavy Rifle Teams
Max House Ellowuyr Swordmen
-Soulless Escort

List 2:
Adeptis Rahn (Forges of War)
2x Arcanists
2 units of Battle mages with a Soulless on each

Day 1: Qualifier rounds for Masters
Round 1
Me vs Dark host Cryx led by Venethrax
Scenario: Standoff
I was looking forward to this. I loved my Ossyan list into Cryx in general, so I knew I was going to drop it as soon as I saw my opponent. Picture of me just as I saw the pairings

I won the dice roll to go first which is a godsend against speedy bane riders. He has 2 units of them so I position the AFG and 2 HRTS on my left flank figuring that’s where a unit will end up, Riflemen centralized next to my caster and jacks so they can go hunt down any pesky banes that try and get stealthy, and ellowuyr on the right flank. I put Quicken on the AFG so I can run it far enough to threaten a zone, Admo on Hypnos, and Shatterstorm on the riflemen. Run army up and wait. His turn he sets up how I expected him to. He runs up using his clouds as cover, a wall for the bane riders to try and protect them from my guns, and the other riders do the same.

Turn 2. Ossyan feat turn since I don’t trust my pow 10 guns to kill armor 15 banes. I drop quicken and upkeep everything else. Ossyan goes first to put quicken on the Ellowuyr and Fortune on the AFG. Feat to catch a few models, but I keep Ossyan super far back regardless to prevent something going horribly wrong. AFG kills 2 riders, HRTs kill 2 more on left side, Ellowuyr charge in and get 2 riders a couple of thralls and mini feat. Riflemen kill about 6 bane warriors on left as well RFPing them so no minifeat. To help them. Hypnos gets a nice cluster and kills 2. At the end of my turn I have a command of the left flank with only 1 desecrator to be there and a few banes, right side if still a toss up because of his slayer, riders, and warriors. End turn and wait to see.

He retaliates killing about 6 of the Ellowuyr brings his desecrator into my rectangle zone to stop me from scoring and to engage the rifles. Slayer goes in on my banshee and kills it by himself in about… 3 attacks. Jokes on him for wasting extra focus! Hah!…wait. :(. He ends turn and goes up one control point.

Turn 3. The Revenge of the Hypnos
This is where I finish off the last of the bane riders on the left and the warriors. Hypnos kills the desecrator desecrating my zone. Ellowuyr continue their titanic battle against warriors and riders. One goes into his rectangle to contest. End turn I go up 2 to his 1.
Turn 3: He wipes out the remainder of the ellowuyr. And slayer comes into my zone with a couple of remainder warriors. He contests and ends turn tying up the scenario.
Turn 4 + Finish off the last few things that threaten me, the slayer and warriors and hypnos goes into his rectangle to contest and eventually kill the objective. Sacred ward and Admonition is good I hear.

Game effectively over at this point. Shake hands and I move onto the next round.

Game 2: Retribution vs. Menoth
Man… I want to drop Rahn but that’s a bad idea. I know I’m about to be list locked into the final round. Ossyan, tag in!
Ossyan v. Harbinger and a million of her sycophants.

Scenario Recon II
This was a relatively short game since I brought all the guns, had a forest to hide Hypnos behind so he could shoot all the things. Faster break down than previous game.
I win the die roll and go first. Everything gets aggresively postured forward. Right side are all my guns and left side is my Ellowuyr. We run up almost as far as we can to be ready for turn 2.

He moves everything forward some knights behind walls, the errants behind a forest in a nice pile. Harbinger moves up and feats to stop my ellowuyr from coming in.
Turn 2. He stays far enough back for my feat to not do anything so I just save it. Ellowuyr back up and minifeat prepping their blades for the incoming charges. My guns shoot the hell out of the errants and whatever they can reach. He martyrs down to 7 HP but I can still kill a good enough amount to limit the errants from being a threat now.
His knights charge into the blender of Ellowuyr after Harby heals up back to full. Ellowuyr do their thing and force 8 damage worth of Martyrs at the expense of 6 or 7 of them.
Turn 3. Ossyan feats and I get a bead on Harbinger with my guns. Errants are cleared off Hypnos who gets quicken and pathfinder from my objective to trample forward onto her if needed. It was unnecessary since I had enough guns on her to get past the shield guards. AFG went first and ate up 2 of them. Banshee ate the 3rd. Then a 5 man House guard CRA killed her through the overboost.

Onto last round! List locked. It’s okay this is fine. Things are fine. As long as I don’t get paired against the only remaining Cryx player who happens to be Brandon… and I’m paired against the guy I play 3 times a week, with a caster who is not good at all into Ghost fleet. Things are fine. I’m okay with this (I’m not okay with this).

Thanks Travis! If I wanted to play against Florida players I would have stayed in Florida!

Oh well, 3rd round Rahn v. P Denny
Scenario: The Pit

Alright long as I go first I’ll be much happier, maybe aggresively go forward and be ready to grind. Oh I’m not going first? Crap… okay whatever, time to improvise. I’ll just get all this sweet terrain to hide behind. Oh… wait nothing in that army cares. Well, I take it anyways so Denny can’t hide.

Turn 1: he runs forward keeping all the important stuff out of range of my stuff, but making it so if Helios advances even a little bit he’s gonna get 2 stalker and a wraith engine to the face.

My Turn, Gotta move up can’t just hide all game but I can’t give him my models to feat on since that’s a deaths sentence. Chimera goes forward so I can chain blast a bunch of the black banes (fuck off wraith engine and your stupid +2 armor aura) TK it back so it can’t be advanced into (it also has extra focus for the defense buff). I just kinda spread and out and need to see what he does.
Turn 2. He gives a stalker an extra focus and moves Denny forward. His goal is to kill and disable my arc nodes. He runs his arc node to get some debuffs out. Will readily admit I got VERY lucky this turn combined with him being a bit too greedy. He lands a crippling grasp on the Phoenix (bad times for me) but misses the parasite on the Chimera. Denny is forward but camping nothing. He can only get 2 rifle CRAs onto the chimera now. One misses and the other is shield guarded by the phoenix. Stalker comes in and misses two attack but the remainder hit and knock out the right arm and left arm. He keeps his Wraith engine in reserve but in a zone.

My turn. So Denny is camping nothing and is blocked only by a couple models. I am not going to win this in the long run. His trash models can kill my expensive ones and I have no way of keeping them down permanently. Chimera apparates out of melee of the Stalker. Hydra pops a shot off at a revenant blocking the landing spot of where I need the chimera to go. Sylys whispers a confidence booster in Rahn’s ear. Chimera runs to 5 inches from Denny. Feat and chain blast time. First one hits and goes 9 damage to her. Deviation keeps the blast on her but does no damage. 2nd chain blast….hits! I need to roll a 9 on 3 dice to kill. Roll a 9 exactly. Dodge the bullet here and qualify for Masters on Sunday.

I’ll end this writing here tonight. I’ll finish the Gencon masters write up soon­™.

All in all we had 3 Florida players qualify for Masters which was awesome. Gencon took away some of PP’s table space this year which limited it more than previous years, but it was still lots of fun. Chatting with the devs and explaining to Travis what a Manatee was, was hilarious. More to come soon! (Either tomorrow or Saturday)

RIP Snooty. We are all going to be swimming and eating Romaine lettuce with you in the sea, soon.

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