My podcast interview with Fully Boosted and a link to my streamed WMW games

Hey people, there is no denying it! We suck at updating this website!

We all have grand excuses of life getting in the way and I won’t bore you with the details. I definitely want to provide more consistent updates on this website but I also don’t want to make any promises that we cannot keep.
I’ve personally found that I hate doing written battle reports and I wasn’t happy with how they had turned out in the past. So I won’t be doing those anymore and I think that will spark my desire to write more junk. We have also tossed around some concepts for a pod cast with a bit of a debate game show spin to it. Also worth noting; we are playing tons of Warmachine, Wednesday nights are standing room only at the LGS and our steamrollers are firing at 4 round minimums.

So what have I been up to?

Well I was lucky enough to attend WTC in Belgium and I had an amazing time competing with America Team Red. After a lovely vacation in London we returned just in time for Crucible 6.5 where I lucked my way in to a finals victory over our own Travis Armstrong. One month after Crucible we flew out to St.Louis for Warmachine Weekend, which was an incredible event. With a lot of luck and some decent play I was able to win the WMW Invitational piloting my bae PSkarre (Dark Host) and the dreaded PDenny Ghost Fleet. Instead of writing up my experiences at the event. I was invited by Pete and Grant for an interview on their pod cast: Fully Boosted. We had a blast talking Warmachine and I thought the podcast was far superior to me writing up the weekend.

You can check out the podcast here:

As far as Warmachine Weekend goes. My semifinal game versus Bubba Dalton and my finals game against Jason Watt were both on stream. You can check those games out here.



That’s all I’ve got for today, I just wanted to attach these items to our website and let everyone know we are alive. I know the website hasn’t been around long enough and certainly hasn’t been updated often enough to warrant many consistent readers. But I’ve gotten a few requests for articles and questions of when we’d update next so there must be a few of you.

For all the Warmachine fans out there that follow our humble little website, we thank you. Hope to provide more content in the near future!

-Brandon Andrews
R.I.P. Snooty

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