This humble little page has been created to help organize the thoughts and opinions of local Warmachine players. In this community we believe that iron sharpens iron and as such we seek to educate all of our players in an effort to create a more competitive environment for everyone. The content is public to welcome players of all skill level and from anywhere around the world.
Thank you to the people who make this game so enjoyable.

Our players:

Brandon Andrews: I’m a Florida native, workaholic and avid fly fisherman. I’ve been playing Warmachine since the beginning – Mark 1 Prime. I own every faction in the game and regularly play them. My love for Warmachine is based in the diversity of the game. It is always my goal to find a use for “bad” casters and to surprise opponents with an island of misfit models. My favorite warcasters are Ashlynn d’Elyse, Fiona the Black and Constance Blaize. I have a medical condition where I can’t take things seriously. It’s unfortunate…

Ryan McDermott: Likes Khador, is rumored to be a generous and tenacious lover. Fattest and most likable.

Rean Knopke: Likes Ret, is really busy doing other stuff.

Kurt Lintner: Likes Circle, allergic to winning. Has some interesting views on bestiality?

Daniel Shotland: Likes Legion; an amalgamation of all things that females find attractive in a man. Created by scientists in a laboratory to have an impressive physique, cat like reflexes, devilish good looks, and boyish charm. Still can’t remember to contest a flag.

Nick “The tricks” Herting: Likes bad stuff. Also known to play Mercs and Trollbloods.

Greg Salapack: Likes Cryx, makes us cool pictures and memes. Is a stitch thrall irl.

Others: Yes there are other people and we like them to.