Trollbloods in MK3, Theory vs Practice

Hello Warmachine and Hordes enthusiasts, I'm Nick and I am here to talk about my favorite army- the hungry Trollbloods. Before I jump right in, a little about me. I've been playing WM/H since 2006, right after Primal came out. Over the years I have played Cygnar, Legion, Mercs, Cryx, and Trolls. My adventure with … Continue reading Trollbloods in MK3, Theory vs Practice

LIST FOCUS – Infernal Machines

Here I am again for another exciting edition of LIST FOCUS "That thing I made up a week ago as an excuse to post a bunch of junky lists." Today we are talking about Cryx and their newly spoiled theme Infernal Machines. First I want to say one thing: I LOVE CRYX. I own every … Continue reading LIST FOCUS – Infernal Machines